Music On the Move


Music on the Move is a weekly music program offered by BJ Alexander to day-care centers and preschools. It is designed for groups of 4 or more students with a max class size of 20 children. The program is available for the September to June school year and each class is 45 minutes in duration.

The goal of the program is to provide children with a strong musical foundation and help to start a life-long love of music.

Through movement and songs, stories, poems and puppetry, as well as the use of percussion instruments, children are introduced to the basics of music in a fun and interactive way.

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Each class is carefully planned and builds on learning concepts from the weeks before. By the end of the year students will know more than 150 songs and poems as well as the names of and ability to play 18 different percussion instruments!

With training in Orff, Kodaly and the Suzuki Method, BJ has been teaching and developing her program for over 15 years. With her strong, clear singing voice, infectious energy and knack of engaging young children BJ passionately shares her love of music by providing a fun yet educational program for preschoolers.

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Musical concepts and skills introduced are:

    • Singing
    • Beat awareness
    • Rhythm
    • Pitch recognition (solfege)
    • Melody
    • Tempo
    • Dynamics
    • Timbre
    • Elementary music reading.
    • Other developmental benefits of the class include:
    •  Memorization
    • Language skills
    • Eye hand coordination
    • Body awareness/gross motor skills
    • Listening skills
    • Respect
    • Cooperation
    • Taking turns
    • Patience

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BJ has been teaching her program since 1997. The program is currently at 3 day-care centers and 4 Montessori preschools. References are readily available. For more information please contact BJ directly.                 

Testimonial: February 26, 2014

Music On the Move with BJ Alexander is a fun and enriching program. It develops and enhances young children’s love for music, promotes language development, and teaches them important social skills (i.e. attentive listening, turn taking, cooperation, patience and many more.)

For the last 17 years “Music class with BJ” has been a valuable part of my day-care program. I always look forward to the start of the class every fall. I have incorporated several of the activities in my everyday routine with the children who love to sing and practice what they have learned with BJ. The parents really appreciate that their child is able to participate in a music class while attending my day care.

I highly recommend incorporating “Music on the Move” in your day-care program.


          Daphne Grant         

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